The creation of songbox.com grew out of one man's desire to help Musicians prosper and propagate their music to a larger audience. He worked in and around the music industry for years, keenly aware of the musician's struggle, particularly Independent Artists.

He partnered with three of his closest friends: a brilliant business professional, an award-winning videographer, and an Independent Musician to figure out how to make the road smoother. Their unique idea for songbox.com was that Artists would get 60-80% of the profit from song sales.

The Songbox website was thoughtfully designed for easy buying and selling of music, with a simple profile page for Independent Artists to showcase themselves with bios, performance calendars, videos, and pictures. Songbox.com is also open to any Label who would want its music catalog on our site.

When one website can do all these things and more, Fans and Venues can have swift access to lots of Independent Bands and Musicians of every genre and style!

Signup is simple and free for everyone, with no contracts or fine print. We want our Artists to concentrate on making music, and let the website drive sales, interest, and a greater audience.

Songbox.com is our gift to Artists who make music and the fans that love them. This project is privately funded by the team who designed it, so seize the opportunity of this grass roots idea, spread the word, build your catalog, and encourage your fans to purchase downloads here.

There's no other site that gives Artists the lion's share of profit for their work. We believe that's how it should be!

Music Lovers and Music Makers in perfect harmony. Songbox.com