How It Works?

Our site is designed for Musicians, Bands, and Fans to buy or sell music, and for each to benefit from that connection. A place for Musicians of every genre to prosper selling their music and to be accessible to their adoring fans. Bands and Fans can track visitors, post upcoming shows, music videos and pictures too. Stay in touch with music you love!

Our mission is to help Musicians make up to 80% profit for selling their songs and be paid INSTANTLY, without complicated contracts, fees, or risk

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Signup is FREE. Get started on the profile page and upgrade if necessary to get the most out of our site.

Start by filling out your form. If you are buying or selling you will need to set up the PayPal section. Then begin uploading songs to the main Dashboard. Pick a photo for your songs as images definitely attract interest. If you don't have one, our system will automatically assign a default image.

The Profile page is essential for the success of your business, add logos and cover photos, let seekers know who is in your band, give them bios on each member. Build interest.

Pick a category for your songs, add lyrics, music tags, social media links to your website, include as much information you can to market your songs. You have control over how much exposure you get; we give you all the possibilities to expand that exposure.

Once you have a song loaded on your Dashboard you can edit information, change the price, links or lyrics. Tags cannot be edited. After a song is purchased and downloaded by a fan, even if it is removed, the fan can continue to download, however it will not be available for new purchases.

Songs purchased will play on any device. Under the Buy Tab you will find all the songs you have purchased. To download, hover over song image and look for a green arrow, or click on image to go to song page, and a click on the X will delete the song from your catalog.