HUGE Product Updates

May 24, 2020 —

We have some giant updates to SongBox to tell you about. The best update is at the end, so let's just get into it.

Tracks now autoplay after each other

This is a long requested feature but it's finally here. Now if you have multiple tracks inside a SongBox then when one track ends, the next one starts to play automatically.

Preview SongBox and live SongBox now identical

This is more of a bug fix than a new feature - but it's done and it makes life a lot easier. Now, when you hit "preview" you see EXACTLY what everyone else sees when they visit your pages.

Drag 'n' drop track ordering

Another big request is here. You can now simply drag 'n' drop your tracks into the order that you wish.

Doubled up on security with password protected SongBox pages

As a "Pro" or "Semi Pro" member of our community, you get access to advanced security and privacy tools. We have expanded on these by adding the ability to password protect your SongBox pages. Now you can email someone the link and separately send them the password. Your tracks have never been safer.


Another HUGE feature request was to be able to add your own branding / artwork to SongBox pages. We're pleased to tell you that this is now possible, and because of this giant new feature we needed to do a...

Complete redesign of SongBox

This is the biggie. We've completely changed how your SongBoxes look and feel in order to maximise the new benefits we have added. The new pages look amazing on desktop and mobile devices. Check out the images below.

Also, "Pro" and "Semi Pro" users can remove the SongBox header from the top of the page to give it an even more "Pro" feel.

Privacy Policy

SongBox will never sell your data, period.SongBox will only use your data for running your account.SongBox will email you, but you can opt o...