Who would want to share music privately?

Jul 23, 2020 —
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Photo by Namroud Gorguis on Unsplash

One of things that I get asked about when I mention SongBox to family and friends etc is this

But why would anyone want to share music privately?

Because of course the only reason anyone puts anything on the internet is to amass "likes", right?

Use Case 1: The Songwriter

You make a living by writing songs that other people record. For that to happen you need to pitch your work; you need to get the songs from your recording studio to the people who might want to pay you for them, and you need to do it privately. No self respecting artist is going to put your song out if everyone has already heard it.

You could physically go to each persons house and hand them a self destructing CD, but that's not very practical.

Use Case 2: The Artist Manager

You manage an artist. Your job is to get their music out there. This involves dealing with booking agents, journalists, record label staff, publishers, PR gurus and all the rest.

How do you keep track of it all. How do you know at any given time who has been sent what, and wether or not they have even listened to it?

You could keep spreadsheets and combine that with constant phone calls to see if they've listened yet. Another bad solution.

Use Case 3: The Producer

You record music. You make many mixes along the way. How do you get these mixes to your clients, or your own collaborators to get their feedback?

You could email everyone a whole bunch of MP3s, and just hope they listen and email you back. That sounds fun, right?

Use Case 4: The Private Sharer

You're a parent, child, friend, relative or just any type of human being who wants to share their music with another human being, but they don't want to put it on a social network.

Snail mail? Nope.

The Best Solution

For all of the above use cases and more, SongBox provides an easy, intuitive and affordable way to share music privately. SongBox gives you all this awesome:

  • Easily share music privately. Your recipients don't need an account to listen.
  • Get stats on who is engaging with your music. When they listen, you know.
  • See which tracks are doing well. We show listening times, so you can see what tracks are "sticky" and what tracks turn people off after 10 seconds.
  • Inject your own branding. We let you add custom artwork to every SongBox you create so you can lead with your best visuals as well as your best audio.
  • Do it all privately and securely. SongBox gives you a multitude of security and privacy options, including password protection of your tracks and the ability to kill links instantly; preventing further access.

Learn more about why SongBox is awesome here


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