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Trusted by the music industry

"Songbox is doing what I need by letting me share new music without having to send out MP3s. Good stuff."

Bryan Adams

Songbox Co-Founder
Multi Platinum Recording Artist & Grammy Award Winner

"I was looking for something like Songbox for a long time. A safe and easy way to store and share new music. A great service."

Noel Hogan

Grammy nominated guitarist, primary songwriter and founding member of The Cranberries

"Privacy and security is everything when working on major label releases. The privacy controls offered by Songbox are unmatched by other music sharing services. "

Brian Cruz

Multi-Platinum Recording Engineer
Credits: Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, Usher, Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato and more
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"Songbox is perfect for sharing music B2B with media and various partners over the World. The interface is easy and fast. For us, it’s the best and most versatile platform to use for this."

Lars Tengroth

Head of A&R, Playground Music Scandinavia; Largest indie label in the Nordic region.

"Now that technology revolutionized the music industry, timing, sharing, and security are decisive players to success. Songbox is a leading platform that helps us share our music securely and reliably, with exceptional tools for analytics and control."

Ariel Rivas

Grammy Award Winner, Music Producer, and Artist Manager.

"I was looking for a platform to send mixes & unmastered listening references to clients securely via a private link. I loved Songbox from the first time I logged in - I'll be spreading the word and continuing to support the platform as it grows"

Mike Spink

Engineer / Producer / Mixer : Credits Include - The 1975, Jake Bugg, James, Gaslight Anthem, The View and many more

"I needed an alternative to Dropbox. Songbox is a much better experience for my clients."

Adam Greenholtz

Engineer / Producer Credits: Michael Bublé, Disney & Marvel Movies, Mötley Crüe, Muse, Van Morrison, LeAnn Rimes, The Offspring, Bryan Adams and many more

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What is Songbox?

It's a way for you to share your music privately, and get incredible insights into how it's being engaged with. Also, we don't compress your audio.

Think of it as the classy alternative to Soundcloud for sharing music privately.
Check out a demo Songbox or watch the 3 minute video below:

No Distractions: Your listeners aren't pulled away by related artists, adverts or other visual clutter.

Personalised Pages: Easily create individually tailored pages and playlists for each person you want to share music with.

Private & Frictionless: Each link is unique. Only the person you share the page with can see it, and they don't need to log in or create an account.

Insights: You get individual reports on who listens, to what tracks, and for how long.

It's kinda like an EPK* with superpowers

*Electronic Press Kit

Stop wondering if they listened

No more frustration. Songbox confirms they listened, and for how long.

Views: Understand who is engaging with your music and who isn't

Plays: Learn which tracks are resonating and getting repeat plays

Listening time: Learn what tracks hold attention

Read about why I built Songbox.

Don't worry when sharing your music.

Advanced Privacy Controls

Password Protected: Password protect your tracks for an optional second layer of security.

Lock By Email: Ensure your tracks can only be accessed by the owner of an email address you define, without them needing to create an account.

Limit Access: Set limits on how many times your Songbox can be accessed. If your page is accessed more times than you've allowed, it will become inaccessible.

Set Expiry Date: Set a date in the future where your Songbox will automatically shut itself down and become inaccessible.

Set Embargo Date: Keep your tracks locked until a date in the future you define.

Pro tip: Chain multiple options for the ultimate privacy and security of your tracks.

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