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Privacy Policy

Summary for humans

  • In order to run the site we do need to store certain bits of information about you;
  • We will NEVER sell or do anything nefarious with your data;
  • We store data on AWS datacenters located in North America;
  • AWS is one of the world's most highly reputable and secure facilities, trusted by global banks, various government's militaries and almost every startup;
  • Songbox periodically uses Google Analytics to track generic, non personally identifiable activity on the platform, for the purposes of understanding what features are being used the most.
  • One of our other main partners is Stripe - one of the world's largest and most adopted payments processor. Stripe is used by the likes of Amazon, Facebook, AirBnb and a plethora of other household name platforms. In order to facilitate free trials and transacting payments, we share your email address with Stripe;
  • Songbox holds no financial data about you. All financial transactions happen between you and Stripe. Songbox does not store, or even see, your payment information;

What data we store and why

Your email address: We store your email address primarily to provide a unique identifier that allows you to login to the site. We also use your email address to send transactional emails such as password resets, and informational emails and updates about Songbox. You can opt out of informational emails by clicking "unsubscribe" on any email your recieve from Songbox. You cannot opt out of transactional emails as these are required to help you use the site, such as password resets etc

Artist Information: We store information such as your "Artist Name", "Bio" etc. This is necessary to allow normal operation of the site.

Audio Assets: Key to the use of Songbox is the ability for you to upload tracks. We store these tracks at an AWS datacenter in North America. Your tracks are permanently and irrevocably removed after defined periods of inactivity and/or when your account is deleted by us or you.

Visual Assets: As part of using Songbox you are able to upload profile images and artwork. These files are stored at an AWS datacenter in North America and are removed permanently and irrevocably when your account is deleted by you or us.

Logins: In order to measure active users, we store a record of each time you login to Songbox. This is essential to help us understand how our product is being used and thus endeavour to improve it.

Who we partner with and why

Stripe: Our payments processing partner. We utilise Stripe to facilitate financial transactions on a one off and recurring basis. Songbox does not see or process any of your financial information. This transaction is handled solely by Stripe, who update Songbox on teh outcomes of any transaction.

Email Octopus: Our email marketing partner. We utilise Email Octopus in order to send emails to our users informing them of product updates, special offers and other general comms. Any user can opt out of receiving such emails by hitting "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of any such email.

Filestack: Our asset management partner. We utilise Filestack to facilitate the uploading and distribution of all audio and image files.

Plausible Analytics: We utilise Plausible to track analytcis. Plausible are a privacy first analytics company who track no personally identifiable information.

Google Analytics: Even though Plausible are our primary analytics partner, it is necessary to use Google Analytics (intermittently) to facilitate the running of certain advertising and marketing campaigns.

Usetiful: We utilise Usetiful to help us run our onboarding tutorials. These are the tips, guidelines and walkthroughs that show new users how to use various aspects of the Songbox platform.

AWS: Our infrastructure partner. All of Songbox's code, assets and databases exist on AWS infrastructure. AWS provides best in class security and reliability for us as a platform and you as an end user.