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Absolutely! You can cancel at any time by clicking on the "Account" link when you're logged in.

If you think you might need Songbox again in the future then you can also pause your account. This effectively freezes your account and no payments will be taken again until you come back and choose to un-pause it.

Songbox is a tool used by musicians, engineers, producers etc (anyone who creates or works with audio files) that lets them share their work privately. You can also include images, videos, song lyrics and other documents along with the tracks.

Songbox also provides excellent data on how your tracks are engaged with. We can tell you where they were listened to, how many times they were played, how long they were listened to for, and more.

People use Songbox for many reasons, but some of the most common use cases are

  • Artists / Songwriters sharing tracks that are work-in-progress with their collaborators, managers, publishers etc
  • Labels and agencies sharing tracks with the press and media before they are officially released
  • Artists submitting tracks to organisations or people when they want to make sure they actually got listened to

And many more use cases above and beyond what's detailed above.

If you need to share tracks privately and want to know how they got listened to, then Songbox does that.

The easiest way to share a track with someone is from the 'tracks' page

  1. Navigate to the 'tracks' page
  2. Find the track you want to share
  3. Hit the 'Express' button
  4. Copy the link that's generated and share it

If you want to share multiple tracks you can also do this from the tracks page

  1. Navigate to the 'tracks' page
  2. Select the tracks you want to share
  3. Hit the 'New Songbox' button at the top of the page
  4. Copy the link that's generated and share it

If you've just created a Songbox you'll see some tabs along the top of the summary page

The tabs are as follows

  • Summary
    • This is where you can find your shareable link and if you want to, edit it.
  • Basic Details
    • In here you can change the Songbox's public facing title
    • Change its "internal id" this is a name that only you will see, for example "Tracks for Jim"
    • Add notes to give your listener more context
    • Lots more - there is a full breakdown of the 'basic details' tab here
  • Tracks
    • In here you can edit what tracks to include and also change the order of them
  • Images
    • You can add images and thus create an image gallery
  • Artwork
    • Choose what artwork you want to use to represent your Tracks
  • Videos
    • Choose what videos to include as part of your media gallery
  • PDF
    • Add a PDF to your page, for example a press "one pager"

Our data suite is pretty comprehensive and always evolving based on user feedback.

Right now we can show you

  • How many visitors your pages have had
  • Where and when those visits occured
  • What tracks they listened to and how many times they did
  • How long they listened to your track for
  • How many of your tracks where played to completion

This video provides a good walkthrough

This video should help you get creating!

First thing you'll probably want to do is upload some assets.

In Songbox, assets are the things that you want to share such as tracks, images, videos etc

This video might help

The company is owned by Michael Coll, Ciaran O'Toole and Bryan Adams.

Songbox was developed and founded by Michael Coll. As the product started to show some serious potential, Michael asked long time friend and business collaborator Ciaran O'Toole to come onboard as a Co-Founder.

Laterly, Canadian Songwriter and Recording Artist, Bryan Adams (who was a Songbox early adopter) came onboard as a Co-Founder.

Michael Coll (centre) with Ciaran O'Toole and Bryan Adams

Absolutely. You can of course send the generated link to as many people as you like. In you're reporting dashboard each individual visit will be treated separately and you'll be able to see the listening data from each visit clearly.

However, if you want to create unique links for each individual person so that you can see very clearly by name who has been engaging with your work, then that's easy too.

In Songbox settings click on the "Links" tab:

Enter a name (or whatever you want, only you will see this) into the input box and hit "add link"

Repeat as required

Now these links will show up in your reporting dashboard identifed as per your names.

Yeah, you absolutely can! There are two ways to do this.

Create unique links for names individuals

  1. Find the Songbox you want to share and click "settings"
  2. Click on the "links" tab
  3. Create as many unique links as you like and share however you like
  4. On your reports page for this Songbox you'll see each visit identified separately

Send a songbox to your saved contacts

  1. Go to the settings tab where you see your shareable Songbox link
  2. Click "Sent to Contacts"
  3. Choose which contacts you want to send to (remember you can filter by tag or name)
  4. Construct your message and hit send
  5. The Songbox platform will email the link to each of your contacts