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Product Update: A whole new tracks page

Dec 18, 2021 — 2 mins read

We're excited to tell you about some great new functionality coming to the tracks page that we hope will make using Songbox even more productive for you all

Take action on newly uploaded tracks

A while ago we built functionality that allowed you to create a Songbox directly from a freshly uploaded batch of tracks. We've taken that highly valued functionality further, and now when you upload tracks you can also immediately group them:

The new grouping workflow should it much easier to categorise tracks as you can batch process them as part of the upload process.

The tracks page is now your hub for everything

The tracks page has always had its place. However it's also always had its limitations. We're hoping these new changes will make your tracks page the go to destination and a core part of your Songbox workflow.

Now, you'll see a checkbox next to each track. Once you select a track you'll see that you have some new options. You can create a Songbox directly from the tracks page with your selected tracks. You can add selected tracks to a group directly from the tracks list and you can now rename tracks as a batch rather than having to rename them one at a time.

As always, your feedback is absolutely critical to the development of Songbox so please email me here with your thoughts and experiences of this new tracks page. Every email 100% gets read and we take everyones feedback extremely seriously.

Thanks from the Songbox team.


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