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Why I Built SongBox

May 19, 2020 — 2 mins read

Way back in the olden days when CDs dominated and MiniDiscs were tipped to be the hot new thing, I was in a band. One of the things I did in the band was send CDs out to everyone and anyone that I could get an address for.

I'd spend hours every week printing off cd labels, attaching them to blank CDs with this cool gadget, printing off our 'bio', stuffing everything into envelopes and heading to the post office.

Once I dropped off those packages to the post office, that was it. Unless the recipient got back to me (extremely rare) then I had absolutely no idea what happened. For all I knew the person at the post office set fire to my packages.

That was trigger number 1:

I don't need to know if they liked the tracks but I'd like to know if they listened... I'd even at least like to know if they received them!

Years later, and I've taken a job in software at a large media company. I'll name no names but this company had music brands that were (and are) known globally.

I worked at head office. We received dozens of demos in the post every day. This was well into the streaming era, but we still received box loads of CDs every day, from all over the world.

Some of these packages were exquisite. Some were terrible. Some came with elaborate gifts. What they all had in common was that none of them got heard. They piled up in the corner of the office and every week the area would get cleared out.

Myself and some of the other developers called it "the corner where dreams went to die".

That was trigger number 2:

These people need to know that no-one is listening to their music. They need to know that they're wasting their time!

I started building SongBox as a way to solve the problems that I had witnessed on both sides of the music industry; as an artist and then as someone who worked as part of 'the machine'.

I want to give music creators the opportunity to send out their work efficiently, privately and securely as well as having the benefit of knowing who is giving them the courtesy of actually listening to the fruits of their labour - and crucially, who isn't.

If you have any thoughts on SongBox I'd love to hear them.

If you like the sound of SongBox then check it out here.


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