Bryan Adams

Multi Platinum Recording Artist & Grammy Award Winner

"Songbox is doing what I need by letting me share new music without having to send out MP3s. Good stuff."

Noel Hogan (The Cranberries)

Grammy nominated guitarist, primary songwriter and founding member of The Cranberries

"I was looking for something like Songbox for a long time. A safe and easy way to store and share new music. A great service."

Brian Cruz

Multi-Platinum Recording Engineer
Credits incl: Paul McCartney, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and many more
Brian Cruz Instagram

"Privacy and security is everything when working on major label releases. The privacy controls offered by Songbox are unmatched by other music sharing services.

Songbox has allowed us to securely share the progress of our project with the record label, media outlets, and others with limited access and without ever having to send any files.

I also love being able to update playable files on a link I've already sent; Our team can always have the latest version without the need to keep track of multiple links! Amazing!"

Lars Tengroth

Head of A&R, Playground Music Scandinavia; Largest indie label in the Nordic region.

"Songbox is perfect for sharing music B2B with media and various partners over the World. The interface is easy and fast. For us, it’s the best and most versatile platform to use for this."

David Kornfield

Award Winning Composer

"As a musical theatre composer, Songbox has been incredibly useful for me to track my submissions to theatres and grants.

It's awesome to be able to see which of my songs are grabbing the most attention, to keep honing my portfolio each time and lead with the best."

Music Lingua

Educating kids through music

"We are a business that teaches foreign languages to young children through music. We’ve provided CDs to our families for years, but recently we've needed to find a new way to privately share our music online.

Songbox has been the perfect solution for us! We can create different Songboxes for different teachers and different units. It’s simple and easy to use.

The analytics are great for seeing which songs people tend to listen to the most, and for how long. I highly recommend Songbox for an easy way to let people listen to your music."

The Novacs

Indie / Alternative Rock Band
The Novacs

"As an up and coming band, insights are everything to us. We use Songbox to preview our new material for A&R and playlisters as well as bloggers.

To be able to track how many listens our song has had lets us know exactly who is taking the time to listen to our material. The platform is accessible but also gives us a professional edge.

The best thing for us is being able to see how long people listen for. It lets us know if we have a hit on our hands! "

Sean Pruitt

Producer & Composer

"I actually saw Songbox on vi-control when it was first announced (2 years ago). I’ve checked in multiple times, and was very impressed with the changes that have been made. I had to send a few songs to a client, used a Songbox, and loved it."

The Soundbath Center

Soundbath Training

"Songbox has been fantastic for our business. We hold Soundbath Practitioner Trainings and teach people how to play sound baths with gongs and singing bowls.

We recently launched online sound bath trainings and needed a way for our students to easily stream high quality recordings, without having to download them.

Songbox works beautifully! Uploading the recordings is easy and quick, and everyone has been able to easily access the recordings without any issues. We love the features such as privacy and expiration works out perfectly for our needs."