Songbox for Songwriters

Songbox is used by some of the world's most successful and prolific songwriters as well as thousands aspiring songwriters to manage their song catalogue and share their valuable songs in a way that is private and secure. You can also include images, videos and biographical information about you so that you can really tell your story as a songwriter.

Why Songbox?

Songbox lets you share as many tracks as you like simply and easily, via a secure link.

You're not giving away any files, you're not cluttering up anyone's hard drive and recipients don't need to create an account. Also, there are no ads on Songbox and no "related artists" or anything else to distract your listener.

Another huge benefit for Songwriters is in the data we provide you. We can tell you exactly who listened to your tracks, how many times and for how long. This is vitally important information for songwriters of any level.

Share Music Privately

Wether you're pitching songs to publishers/labels or simply sharing work-in-progress songs with trusted collaborators for feedback, it is imperative that you do this in a way that keeps your work private.

Songbox allows songwriters to skip the pitfalls of using alternative solutions:

  • Social Networks like (Soundcloud etc): Terrible privacy policies and low security.
  • Generic file transfer services (Dropbox, WeTransfer etc): Poor listening experiences for the recipient and these services force you to give away the raw audio file.
  • Email: Arguably the worst solution but still widely used. Large attachements are undesirable for recipients. Giving away the audio file is undesirable for you, the songwriter.

Data Insights & Analytics

In short, this refers to the data we provide you on how people engage with your music.

Songbox gives you more data about your music than any other platform.

  • Exactly who listened: With Songbox we create a unique link for each person you want to send music to. This allows your reports page to be very granular. See that John from Universal listened for a few seconds whereas Tony from Warners listened to everything, twice!
  • How long they listened: Our technology records how long people listen to your tracks for. We give you average listening times per track and also the exact listening time for each individual play.
  • More... Songbox shows you the location of the listener, how many times each track was played, the percentage of tracks played to completion and we are always adding new functionality based on user feedback.

Bryan Adams: Multi Platinum Recording Artist & Grammy Award Winning Songwriter